A Holistic Approach
to Wellness

Vibrational Healing supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself as it

Sound Healing

Acutonics is a highly developed system of vibrational sound healing rooted in Oriental Medicine, and Astrology. The primary focus of this work is the application of tuning forks - tuned to the frequencies of the earth, moon, sun and planets - to acupuncture points, trigger points, and points of pain.

By being rooted in the spiritual and wisdom traditions of Oriental Medicine we are able to deepen our connection to the energy pathways in the body, recognizing that most diseases arise from a core blockage in our energy.

Acupuncture points provide us with a noninvasive access into these core energetic systems.

The planets provide us with musical intervals, archetypes, and correspondences that help us fine-tune the therapeutic frequency that is applied to the body.

The sound is transmitted throughout the body instantaneously and triggers a physiologic response that often alleviates symptoms. Whereas acupuncture releases congestion and restores flow; Acutonics also rebalances, re-energizes and harmonizes the body’s systems.

As with all energy work, as the physical body becomes healthier, you will discover the healings releasing emotional blocks and deepening a sense of joy and meaning in your life. For conditions that have become chronic, a series of treatments may be necessary to reharmonize your body and its energy systems.

Acutonics therapy requires a hands-on approach.

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Deeply relaxing and highly energizing, sound rebalances our bodily systems, correcting dysfunction, alleviating pain, illness, injury, and fatigue. Sound restores us to optimum health.