A Holistic Approach
to Wellness

Vibrational Healing supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself as it

Spiritual Healings

There is a universal wisdom that knows just what is called for in the moment so that people will heal in a manner best suited to them.

To begin, we have to be willing to put down all we know. Put down our thinking mind. Set aside judgment. This work must be done with a willingness to get lost. That is the only way we can truly find ourselves.

Only once we are lost can we be found.

This is the nature of true self-discovery. The path of a spiritual seeker is to recognize the experiences of the past as tools that provide insight into the ever present now. Through dialogue, we gain historic perspective. It becomes easier to recognize how our past shaped us and to see how that affects our unfolding future. This is the path towards self-awareness.

Awareness enables us to bridge the illusory separation between our life concepts and direct experience. The gap between how we engage our own sense of aliveness and how our life comes into being, narrows. Eventually we can make more conscious choices. We discover an awakening that becomes the source of our creative power.

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Influences all aspects of our lives, optimizes health, expands self-awareness, improves relationships, increases satisfaction, reduces stress, empowers change, provides a direct experience of the divine.