A Holistic Approach
to Wellness

Vibrational Healing supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself as it


We are connected to the world around us and interact in complex and often unconscious ways. Our bodies energetically respond to our life experience by adjusting to the circumstance we find ourselves in. Often these experiences leave an energetic imprint that shifts the flow and balance of our systems. Over time these patterns affect our health, emotional development, and sense of satisfaction.

Biodynamic breathwork is a break- through technique that facilitates the release of tension and trauma from the body. This technique uses bioenergetic principles and breath work to shake up the energy body, releasing blocks and restoring flow. It accesses the deepest parts of self; often left dormant and forgotten; and re-integrates them.

Once old patterns are released, you use breath to support the stabilization of healthier patterns. You will learn breathing techniques that will enable you to sustain and deepen the transformational process, often leading to an expansion of consciousness and a profound sense of well being.

Biodynamic breathwork is most effective when addressing unconscious, often karmic, issues. It gets to the root of our difficulties with an immediacy that psychotherapy cannot provide. It heals past life conditions, birth traumas, and early life disturbances– whether due to illness or trauma. Many physical conditions related to internal regulation, including but not limited to ADHD, anxiety, insomnia and addictions, also respond well to this technique. Overtime this practice can change the way you respond to stress and eliminate the detrimental effects stress causes.

Sessions last approximately two hours and are offered in person only.

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Facilitates the release of tension and trauma from the body – empowering you to let go of built up dis-ease - bringing the body back to wellness.

Reintegrates karmic, fetal, and early childhood blocks. Relieves anxiety, increases focus and concentration.