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Client Comments

Being in a job that requires physical strength for many years had finally taken its toll on my back. I suffered from back pain for many years trying all kinds of different techniques to relieve the pain and discomfort. Finally on one particular job I totally blew my back out to the point that I was bedridden for a week. Despite trying medication, heating pad, ice and slow exercises, after a week I was still in horrible shape.

Nessa Lear was the answer to all my problems. I called her and she did a healing over the phone for me. Not sure what to expect I just lay in bed and hung out. The next morning I woke up pain free and able to go about my day. I started back at work 3 days later continuing with the heavy lifting.

Thanks, you really made my life better. - Adrienne, New Hampshire

I met Nessa when we participated in the making of Medical Renaissance: the Secret Code, a movie by Dr. Norm Shealy. Nessa's grace-filled intuition and deep empathy, combined with her skill as a healer, became a vital force in the integration of my own healing process. Her skillful guidance released from within me a sense of empowerment that allowed me to heal naturally. Nessa helped me integrate and understand the interventions orchestrated by Dr. Shealy. Her gentle counsel and healing presence facilitated a sense of release that allowed me to break from the confines of my narrow perception.

As a result of her healing skills I was able to reach for the stars! From our first meeting, Nessa's sincerity was genuine. Her unique ability had a dramatic impact towards my overall healing. I consider it a blessing to have her healing guidance. - Judy Adams, Missouri

We were in Costa Rica on retreat in December of 2008. Nessa was happy to help me when I asked. I instantly felt comforted. Nessa picked up on a past pain she felt I was still carrying around. We spoke of it and I felt a release of tears and tension and felt better a short time after talking with her. Later in that same trip I had the most emotional night of my life. I felt deeply sad and was having trouble coping with all the past and current pains that were surfacing. I will never forget the comfort Nessa gave me. We were sitting on the ground and I was practically in her lap shaking and pained. Nessa was so soothing in her words and encouraged me to let go and cry. And I did, for almost an hour; that kind of crying you do when you are a kid, just sort of uncontrollable. Nessa was so patient with me. She really helped me. I really did feel loved in those moments, with this woman who was practically a stranger. When I had calmed down a bit she walked me back to my little house that I was staying in and tucked me in. It was so sweet and I truly feel that I could not have coped with that night had she not stepped forward to help.

Since returning home to our lives, several months passed when I experienced a loss of a pet that was dearer to me than most people are. My pain over it was intense and taking me over. Nessa and I hadn’t kept in close contact but she was right there when I asked for help. We had a long phone healing and she again was able to tap right in to my emotions and get to the heart of what I needed to deal with in moving on from the trauma I had felt. She brought up points I had never considered and it was amazing the perspective she helped me to see about the situation. A portion of our call was in silence so she could work on healing. I did feel better after the call. I would recommend Nessa to anyone who needs healing, spiritual guidance, or emotional support. She is amazing! - Tracy, Denver, Colorado

Nessa brings kindness and compassion to interface an intelligence that she possesses about healing from deep within. She will guide you to listen to yourself, relearn to care for your Self, and rebalance those elements in your life that will help you to enjoy the journey of life. - Bhaswati Bhattacharya, MD MPH DABHM FABPM HHC

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"Nessa Lear was the answer to all my problems.

Thanks, you really made my life better." - Adrienne, NH


"I would recommend Nessa to anyone who needs healing, spiritual guidance, or emotional support.

She is amazing!" - Tracy, Denver, CO